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FAQs about Pediatric Foot Care

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FAQs about Pediatric Foot Care

Foot & Ankle Reconstruction of North Georgia is your pediatric foot care expert in Woodstock, GA, and Jasper, GA. Dr. Bret Hintze and Dr. Andrea Cass are skilled at diagnosing and treating problems in the feet, ankles, and related structures of the legs.

If you or your child are having foot pain or have concerns about the health of your feet, we are here for you. Keep reading for our most common questions about pediatric foot care and come see us to get your whole family's feet healthy.

Should my child be wearing shoes?

When your toddler walks around barefoot, it's actually helping their feet muscles develop properly. You'll want their feet protected outside so make sure they're wearing shoes when they go out, but inside walking around barefoot is good. Even the smallest feet benefit from kicking and stretching, so if you're wrapping up a baby in a blanket make sure they can still move their legs.

Why does my child need a podiatrist?

Your child's feet grow and change quickly as they grow up, but are still not fully developed until about the age of 18. When your child has healthy feet it can help them avoid problems with their lower extremities later in life.

You may want to see a podiatrist if you notice anything strange about your child's gait. Many toddlers have a pigeon-toed gait and some walk on their tiptoes at first. If they are still doing this past the age of two you should see a podiatrist.

How often should my child see a podiatrist?

To monitor their health and development, your child can see a pediatric podiatrist in Woodstock, GA, or Jasper, GA, once a year. If your child is highly active in sports, you may want to see your doctor prior to their busy season. A podiatrist can help your child prepare with stretches and exercises that help prevent injuries during play.

Foot & Ankle Reconstruction of North Georgia is here for you when you need pediatric foot care in Woodstock, GA, and Jasper, GA. To make an appointment with Dr. Bret Hintze or Dr. Andrea Cass, contact us in Woodstock at (770) 999-0703, and in Jasper at (770) 999-0804.

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