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When Is Bunion Surgery Neccessary?

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When Is Bunion Surgery Neccessary?

Bunions are a severe health problem that can cause a lot of pain and suffering. But do you genuinely need bunion surgery in Jasper, or Woodstock, GA, from Foot & Ankle Reconstruction of North Georgia? That all depends on many different factors. Let Dr. Bret Hintze and Dr. Andrea Cass teach you more about this topic and give you the insight that you need to avoid long-term health issues.

Bunions May Worsen and Require Surgery

Bunions occur on the big toe and can cause disfigurement that triggers extensive pain and suffering. They can develop for many reasons, including blunt-force trauma and genetics. When they develop, podiatrists typically attempt to relieve them with various non-surgical methods. These include things like specialized shoes, pain relievers, and some physical therapy methods that help ease the pain.

However, bunions may worsen to the point where surgery is necessary. This problem occurs when poor early intervention and treatment do not decrease a bunion's intensity. However, it can also become a problem if the foot is injured again, intensifying the bunion. Therefore, it is essential to understand surgery, and when it's time to reach out to a professional who can help you.

Times When You Need Surgical Care

Most bunions will develop to a point where some surgery is required. However, day-to-day general care and treatment from your podiatrist may decrease the need for surgery or put it off as long as possible. For example, customized shoes help to provide extra support and minimize your need for long-term treatment. However, you may need surgery if your:

  • Toe is so misaligned you're struggling to walk properly
  • Pain is intense even when you aren't working or putting a strain on your foot
  • Traditional treatments no longer provide the quality of life you want
  • Exercise or sports experiences have become impossible to perform properly

In these scenarios, bunion surgery in Jasper, or Woodstock, GA, may be what you need. Surgery helps to restore your foot strength by eliminating your bunion. In addition, surgically removing and restoring the area helps get your big toe back in its proper alignment. Just as importantly, it helps your body heal and recovers from what can be a painful and often debilitating level of physical and emotional pain.

Schedule Your Surgery 

If you think you need bunion surgery in Woodstock, GA, or Jasper, please contact us today at Foot & Ankle Reconstruction of North Georgia. You can call our Woodstock office at (770) 999-0703 or our Jasper location at (770) 999-0804 to get the help that you need. Dr. Hintze and Dr. Cass will do what they can to give you the necessary treatment and ensure that you feel satisfied with your ultimate results.

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